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Farming development aspirations – Economic Times


By P V S Suryakumar

Food, as development studies writer John Madeley reminds us, is more than a commodity and agriculture more than an economic activity. Agriculture employs about 44% of India’s workforce, but contributes about 14% of its GDP. Farmers have no control on agricultural input costs and output prices, hence the distress.

Most urban residents live in residential apartments that provide services like water, power, waste collection and security. Rural residents, however, are not provided such amenities and mostly live as ‘individuals’. Important aspects of farming —which crop and variety to grow, practices to be followed, etc — are not necessarily based on technical recommendations but on what the input dealer recommends with credit. Since most farmers are marginal, their marketable surplus and bargaining power are low in the markets. They need support services. In January 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the idea of a project that would name 115 ‘aspirational districts’. One block in each such district and 50-100 blocks across the country could be selected. What is needed is a programme matching India’s size and diversity that can be scaled…

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