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I was hanging out at one of Wichita Falls’ local music shops the other day, listening to some other players, picking a little myself, chatting with the other customers, and we got started talking about the various music venues in Wichita Falls. Sure, you’ve got plenty of bars and clubs that bring some really great acts to town, but the feature performers usually don’t take the stage until 10:00 o’clock or later and people are there more to drink and have fun than they are to listen.

There are alternatives. One venue in particular came to mind, 9th Street Studios, the location for the next Acoustic Parlor event this Thursday evening (01.23.20).

The Acoustic Parlor shows are the product of a whole lot of work by David Holcomb and Mark Sutton, two well established local musicians who were also looking for a place to do quiet, thoughtful, listening room style shows. While the side office spaces at 9th Street Studios are used by various local artists, and their works are hanging on the walls, the common area in this 2nd floor venue has some sort of magic to it that seems to bring out the best in the performers and the audiences.

This week’s Acoustic Parlor show features two…

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