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Key Takeaways:

  • Precision agriculture and technological advances in food production and distribution represent countless pathways to potential cyber liabilities in the agribusiness setting
  • The distinct nature of commercial agribusiness and farm operations and insurance present unique data security threat vectors and, therefore, require targeted partnerships to respond to the segment’s business needs
  • Agritech + cyber resilience = agrisilience

Agritech has been broadly defined as the use of technologies and innovations to improve food production and distribution. It is yet another term of art in the long list of agriculture word formation mash-ups: agronomics. agribusiness, agritainment, agritourism, agroecology. The list goes on. Let’s throw another log on the fire – agrisilience.

Cyber resilience has been characterized by IBM as “[enabling] an organization to continue to function with the least amount of disruption in the face of cyber attacks.” Well stated. Nevertheless, simply because the battle isn’t raging in one’s front yard doesn’t mean there isn’t a war on. Where else could this be more significant than in the food production and distribution chain?…

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