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What can farmers do if their sheep are attacked by dogs? – Agriland


Over the past number of weeks, there have been a spate of dog attacks on sheep across the country – especially around the midlands.

For some reason or another, attacks on sheep are more regular this time of the year. Furthermore, the stress farmers have to deal with this time of the year – during lambing time – is not helped by attacks on their sheep by dogs.

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It may be a case that some farmers are unsure and confused about what to do when it comes to an attack on their flock and what is the best course of action to take when it occurs.

Therefore, listed below is some information that might help farmers who have seen a dog attack their sheep and are wondering what they can do about it.

Under the 1984 Control of Dogs Act, it states under the section: Defence in action for damages for shooting a dog.

It shall be the defence to any action for damages against a person for the shooting of a dog, or to any charge arising out of the shooting of a dog, if the defendant proves that:

  • The dog was shot when it was worrying, or was about to worry, livestock and that there were no other reasonable…

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