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PEI farmers assess Dorian-related damage – Insurance Business Canada


Months after post-tropical storm Dorian hit the province, farmers in PEI are assessing their crop losses for the season.

Together with other producers (beef, hog, dairy, apple, etc.) in the province, farmers are tallying their losses in preparation for federal disaster assistance registration.

“Our yield was half of what it should have been, a lot of people in our area were less than half,” said Randy Drenth, a corn farmer based in Summerfield, PEI.

Drenth told CBC News that not only is losing half his yield not going to help with his bills, farmers like him are still struggling to figure out how they can afford to put the next crop into the ground.

Another corn farmer, Patrick Dunphy, of Valley View Farming Company, estimated that 405 of his 648 hectares were flattened by Dorian.

“Yield was about 75% lower than what we would normally harvest off our corn fields,” Dunphy stated.

Dunphy added that he had harvested every acre to salvage what was left of his crop, but that process involved purchasing specialized equipment. He also noted that the corn harvested post-Dorian was…

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