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What Is The Average Car Insurance Payment? – Motor1 US


Find out how much you can expect to pay for insurance based on demographics.

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Whether you are just getting your license or are a well-established driver, it’s hard to estimate how much your car insurance payment will be. There are a multitude of factors that go into determining an insurance premium, so rates can vary widely from person to person.

To pull back the curtain on these rates, we looked into average car insurance payments based on driver age, gender, level of coverage, driving record, and more.

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Who Determines Minimum Required Coverage?

Each state has its own department that governs laws regarding vehicle registration requirements, including insurance coverage. Therefore, minimum required car insurance coverage varies from state to state. These departments also decide how insurance companies assess risk and determine average car insurance rates for state residents.

With that being said, most states require that all drivers carry certain amounts of liability coverage. A dozen states run a no-fault system, meaning drivers’ insurance companies are responsible for…

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