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Retiree’s Guide To High-Yield ETFs – Forbes


How to pay for it?


Stocks and bonds yield 2% these days. That’s problematic if you had in mind withdrawing 4% a year from your savings. Wall Street’s answer to this predicament: a rich menu of exchange-traded funds with high yields.

Here I will highlight the best funds in seven different investing styles that deliver outsized payouts. Among them: funds that own junk bonds, funds that invest in pipeline partnerships and funds that own European stocks.

I see these funds as useful even for investors who are not seeking current income. They offer diversification. They don’t behave exactly like either the high-grade bond funds or the S&P 500 funds that probably account for the bulk of your savings.

But before you dive in, ponder two things. One is that handsome yields always come with a cost in either higher risk or diminished growth. No dividend is a free lunch.

The other matter is that distributions aren’t the only way to get cash to live on. You could always sell a few shares of a fund. You could, that is, skip the yield chase and instead put your money in something more…

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